Family Therapy

Family life can be the source of tremendous joy, love, and intimacy, and it’s where we are meant to find our sense of belonging in the world. Maybe your family experienced this for a time, but life happened and your family has fallen into a challenging pattern.

At Kovacs Counseling, we often observe:

» Families try diligently to get things back to “normal” but get caught in the same patterns when relating to each other.

» Families describe frustration with one or more members that are struggling due to disruptive moods and depressive or anxious symptoms.

» Families become aware that they are in a constant state of conflict. 

Whatever pattern your family has fallen into, family therapy can provide hope for getting out of the challenges and finding new ways of interacting with each other. Our goal is that your family can reclaim the joy, love, intimacy, and belonging that everyone once shared. Therapy will include an assessment of the family, in order to better understand current relational patterns and how they may be derailing a positive family experience, as well as ongoing sessions structured around the specific needs of the family. 

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