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Happy New Year from Kovacs Counseling!  We are looking forward to 2015 being a strong year as we have added several components to our practice. These include:

  • Support and information meetings, where parents whose children struggle with eating disorders can learn how to enhance their son or daughter’s recovery process
  • Integration of the best and latest scientific evidence in the treatment of eating disorders
  • Additional office space, allowing for more clients to be seen more often
  • Social media elements that will keep you in the know and up to date

We would also like to announce that:

  • Judi Welsh, MSEd., LPCC is now full time with our practice and is available to work with both adolescents and adults.
  • Tasha Castor, MSEd., LPC has begun practicing under her married name, Tasha Boyer.
  • Erica Cushion, RD, LD and intuitive eating specialist, is now seeing patients within our office.

At Kovacs Counseling, we help those who struggle with mental and emotional issues, including eating disorders, find health and healing. We move into 2015 full of hope as we continue to provide a place where individuals, couples and families can engage in the recovery process in a meaningful way.

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