Marital Therapy

We believe that people are meant to be in relationships, and we highly value making sure those relationships are as healthy as possible. We create an environment for you to work alongside your partner to reach your goals. All of our marital and premarital therapy is provided by a therapist who is specifically trained to work with couples.

Marital Therapy 

During marital therapy the couple will have the opportunity to better understand the relationship struggles as well as each partner’s role in those struggles. Often times couples will come to therapy feeling stuck as if they have tried everything but continue to have the same patterns of behavior over and over again. Marital therapy can provide a new experienced & courteous lens through which to understand current struggles, as well as hope for how to move toward patterns of behavior and communication that bring more joy and intimacy into the relationship.

Premarital Therapy

We offer premarital therapy for those who are seeking to build a strong relational foundation in the marriage. Therapy can move at the couple’s desired pace. Premarital therapy will typically cover the following topics:

» Communication (How do we argue?)

» Boundaries with extended family

» Finances

» Children/Parenting

» Religion/Spirituality

» Roles/Responsibilities

» Sexual preferences/Expectations

» Rituals/Traditions

If you and your loved ones are looking for assistance in one of these areas, please contact us at (614) 245-5544 or at