Marital and Family Counseling

We create an environment for you to work alongside your significant other or family members to reach your goals while building and strengthening your relationships.

*Premarital Counseling: We use Prepare and Enrich, a relationship assessment and skill building tool, to guide premarital work, making it most effective and efficient.

*Marital Counseling:  We are experienced in helping couples who may be having difficulty with: parenting issues, conflict resolution, communication difficulties, spirituality differences, difficulties with extended family, and boundary setting.

*Parent Consultation:  We help parents who are concerned their child may have an eating disorder or other mental health issue
, are in need of guidance of what steps to take, are looking for a therapist that best suits their child’s needs, and want to learn more about treatment options.

*Family Counseling: We understand that a mental health issue can affect the entire family, as well as the home environment, so we offer family therapy to ensure the best possible outcomes of treatment.

*Family-Based Treatment: We offer evidence-based FBT (also called the Maudsley Method) for families with a child or adolescent dealing with Anorexia Nervosa. FBT is an intensive outpatient treatment program where parents take an active and positive role in their child’s recovery. Treatment goals include: restoring weight, returning control of eating back to the adolescent, and establishing healthy adolescent identity. 

If you and your loved ones are looking for assistance in one of these areas, please contact us at (614) 245-5544 or at