Monika Zoretic, MA, LPC

Monika is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who believes individuals’ perceptions of who they are and how they fit in this world are based on the environment and experiences they have encountered throughout their lives. Those perceptions create their reality.

Monika likes to help people learn how they got where they are and how to get where they want to be. She most often addresses her clients with a person-centered approach with the addition of cognitive behavior therapy.

Monika holds a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics, with a minor in Finance from The Ohio State University. Her career began in banking and after marriage lived a traditional lifestyle of raising children and a not so traditional lifestyle as a military spouse. Monika has lived and traveled to many places during her life, and experience has taught her not only to see life from other people’s perspective but to honor it.

Monika provides counseling services to individuals of all ages, which includes diagnosing and treating mental health disorders. She has experience counseling persons with mood disorders (including bi-polar disorder, depression, and anxiety), eating disorders, identity issues, and difficulty with life transitions. She is also familiar with issues pertaining to living a military lifestyle (moving often, deployments/reintegration into the family, and reentering civilian life) and adoption. Monika has received special training in the area of Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE). Utilizing PE is helpful for persons who have suffered from a traumatic experience and have been diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

Monika uses a biopsychosocial approach with her clients, which means she likes to address the client’s biological health, mind (thoughts, emotions, and behaviors) and relationships as they pertain to standard of living, environment and culture. Each of these can affect the client’s current mental and physical health.   Spirituality can also be added into therapy at the client’s request.

In her free time Monika enjoys gardening, doing home projects, and spending time with family. She also loves to learn and is always reading a book.

Monika can be reached at (614) 245-5544 or at