Other Services

We are proud to offer a variety of other services that aid both our clients and colleagues.

*Groups: At various times through out the year, we offer groups for individuals dealing with eating disorders (AN, BN, BED), disordered eating, and body image dissatisfaction.  We have access to a large group space, as well as a kitchen and cafe area, which allows us to incorporate therapeutic meals into our structured group time.

*Exposure Experiences: Due to our location at Easton Town Center, we are able to provide a variety of exposure therapy interventions. For example, we offer support to our clients who are recovering from an eating disorder or dealing with body image dissatisfaction who may need help shopping for jeans, bathing suits, or other pieces of clothing. We are also able to complete restaurant challenges with clients who are looking to practice skills of ordering off of a menu, mindfulness, and intuitive eating. Furthermore, we find that Easton provides a unique environment for challenging the thoughts and behaviors of difficulties, such as OCD and social anxiety.

*Professional Presentations:  We are experienced in offering informative and interactive presentations in professional environments, such as schools, doctor’s offices, churches, and college campuses, on a variety of topics, such as: eating disorders dos and don’ts, understanding cutting and self-harm, or spiritual concerns of mental health issues.

*Consultation and Supervision:  We are available for consultation services for those considering a career in the eating disorder field. Katie Kovacs, MSEd., LPCC-S is available for counseling supervision services as well.

If you are looking for assistance in one of these areas, please contact us at (614) 245-5544 or at Info@KovacsCounseling.com.