Tasha Boyer, MSEd., LPCC-S

Tasha is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervision designation (LPCC-S), which gives her the ability not only to help individuals through counseling, but also to help the next generation of counselors help individuals.

Tasha believes that every individual has a story, and sometimes these stories have plot twists that become unmanageable. Through empowering and rescripting, Tasha teaches her clients to take ownership of their lives and make improvements toward health, inner strength, and peace. The stories that bring people to therapy are often similar, but each client is unique.

Tasha holds a Master of Science in Community Counseling from the University of Dayton and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from The Ohio State University. She began her career in healthcare advertising, which piqued her interest in mental health care as a whole. Tasha provides counseling services to individuals of all ages as well as couples and families. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders but also enjoys helping persons who are dealing with relationship issues, behavioral problems, or mood disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression). In addition, Tasha has experience working with clients who are on the autism spectrum and also struggle with eating disorder behaviors.

Regardless of the client’s concern, Tasha uses a multi-dimensional approach, incorporating medical professionals and dietitians, school and family support persons, and other community resources as necessary. She is particularly skilled in coordinating the transition from one treatment team to another (when an individual comes home from residential care or when he or she returns to college after seasonal breaks). In the counseling process, Tasha uses evidence-based treatment but prioritizes the client’s unique strengths and needs in order to make the experience individual. She believes that therapy is the place where a person can be authentic without being judged.

Outside of work, Tasha enjoys spending time with her family and friends, walking her dog, and following her favorite sports teams.

Tasha can be reached at (614) 245-5544 or at Tasha@KovacsCounseling.com.