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Healing starts here.

We strive to cultivate a lasting impact through a client-centered environment backed by evidence. Here are some some of our client’s experiences.

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"For over a year, Jodi has been our family therapist. She is attentive, inquisitive, and kind. We all feel comfortable in her office. She is excellent at detecting the issues that stymie our family's relationships and is practical in offering us techniques and frameworks to help us."

“Monika Zoretic at Kovacs Counseling completely changed the way I approach problems and anxieties when navigating work, relationships, and family dynamics. I’ve found success working with her through researched-backed methods such as CBT and PE, but her calm demeanor and collaborative approach is what brought me comfort and gave me the confidence to keep coming back week after week.“

"We can't speak highly enough about Jodi. She assisted us in navigating a crisis scenario with our adolescent, assisted us in developing our family communication skills, and collaborated with us to develop parenting frameworks that help us function better as a family."

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"Katie Kovacs has given me the safety, science, understanding, and the consistency of expert, personalized practice that I needed to truly understand my relationship to my eating disorder and to my trauma. I have experienced more healing in the last 2 and 1/2 years of working with Katie than in my entire 10 years of recovery. This healing has led to countless tangible behavioral changes that have allowed me to consistently feel present and truly alive in my day to day life, no matter what trauma we are turning over in session. I have never walked away from a session feeling discouraged from my healing journey, and I cannot express my gratitude, or recommend her practice, enough."

"Throughout many phases of life - from newlywed and pregnancy years to more mature phases of motherhood and marriage - Kovacs Counseling has been a trusted partner, providing highly personalized support and the tools to manage some of life’s most difficult moments."

"Kovacs Counseling provides warmth and empathy together with the tools for self-work that have helped me to achieve personal goals and manage difficult times with grace and self-compassion."

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